Month: May 2011

Free Play part II

 - by Ty

Every parents wants there child to have a good time and learn. I always take advantage of activities that are low cost or free. I find that children like things simple. They can get overloaded and over stimulated easily. I have came up with a couple  more FREE ideas to share !


  • Nature Walks

Let you and your child/children take a small walk through your neighborhood, creek, or even community trails. There are so many types of species to look for anywhere you live.  Bring along your camera phone, camcorder, or any recording device to let them pretend the are explorers or biologist. Make sure to pack your Eco friendly water containers to stay hydrated. Also bring a first aid kit and small backpack for other basic essentials. This activity can be done with one child or many. You can even include friends, because this activity is totally free.

  • BYOB Lego Parties

Invite a small group of friends and family over. Have them bring a bag lunch and there favorite Lego’s. Give the children a room or space where they can spread out all of the pieces. This will give them hours of imagination play along with engineering and hand and eye coordination play.  This can also be done with K’Nex’s, Playmobile, or whatever building toys your kids are into at the time.


So Many Consoles

 - by Ty





In the gaming world there is no such thing as to many consoles. Each one has it’s own unique quality about it. I currently have a PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Now out of those three my favorite is the PS3. The controller is small and comfortable for my  hands. It not only has great games for this system.  The Netflix feature is a big plus in book.  But the ultimate feature for me is, I can use it to watch my Blu-Ray DVD’s. This will keep you from buying a Blu-Ray player. Plus keep you from switching back and forth between console and Blu-ray player.

The Nintendo Wii is cool, I like the Wii Fit add on feature. The hula hoop for Wii fit burns lots of calories(nods head). I am not that great with any of the balancing games. I have to work on those.  As for the Xbox 360 I am a partial fan. Only because Eliot plays the game Call of Duty Black Ops, and it’s very exciting to watch him play. I must say the controller for this console is not very easy to hold.  Even though this system has the Netflix’s feature as well my favorite console still remains the PS3.

AIM On Android

 - by Ty




I have a Motorola Android phone. I have lots of pro’s about this particular model. It’s just the right size, large keyboard and very durable. However, I have a few cons about some of the apps. For example, I downloaded the AIM app, so that I can text my instant messages. Which is very convenient for me.  But I quickly found out that this app drains the battery life of the phone.  Even if you do not have the app open, as long as it is running the battery will become drained very quickly. The phone was charged at 100% at 8 am. I had the app running from 8am till 2pm. By 2pm the phone was a about 10%charged.  And yes I was actively using the app from time to time.   I find this very annoying. Does anyone have any solutions for this small annoyance?

Workout Buddy

 - by Ty

I noticed that having a workout partner motivates you. I spent a week at my local gym with my Aunt.  Having her there to push me further and expand my workout made a huge difference. I barely even notice the time when I have someone to workout with.  Now that I am working out alone I find myself not as motivated and cutting my workout time short. Her and I would do 45 min to an hour workouts. Now I only do about 30 min to 45 minutes.  Maybe some of you agree with this philosophy, having a workout buddy is beneficial.  I think it helps out a lot when you are someone that struggles to stay focused. However, no matter the circumstances you should always try to live a healthy life. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is challenging, so anything that makes it easier is okay in my book.

Sharing your goals with your workout buddy is also helpful. They can help keep you on track, as well as you keeping them on track. The buddy system works well when training or just everyday fitness. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer but a best friend or family member can be just as cool.

New Painter

 - by Ty


My first painting

I fell in love with a new hobby. I did my first painting yesterday. I starting getting supplies for my son, because this was a hobby he expressed interest in.  He seemed to have so much fun, I thought I would give it a try. Turns out it’s very soothing and takes your mind to another place. It’s like reading a book, escaping the reality of the world.

I’ve heard that painting is an expensive hobby, but I am willing to give it a shot. I don’t have all I the tools or techniques just yet. But I am getting by, so far.  I have the urge to start a new painting soon. However,I am going to take it slow. Even though I have tons of inspiration around me. I want to make sure I do not run out of supplies too quickly.  Trying something new gets you all excited and you find yourself  borderline obsessed. I also think my son and I feed off each others creations. We always seem to spark an idea or thought to one another. So keep encouraging people around you who have a creative bone in there body. You will challenge and inspire them to create something beautiful one day.