Month: June 2011

Mini Hand Bag

 - by Ty


Mini Handbag


I have been  practicing crocheting squares for a few weeks now. I still have to work on the last row, to keep it from curving and fanning out. This hand bag was a result of from one of the squares that didn’t turn out great.  I even took the opportunity to practice on a pom pom.  It looks fairly good considering it was not supposed to become a little purse.  And my niece is non the wiser. She absolutely loved the bag.  She had it on and played with it as soon as I gave it to her. I also gave her a few hats for her large barbie heads. The hats I made were to big for a baby but to small for my niece. So I told her she could use them to play with her dolls. Again another winner. So please never throw away your mistake crafts that you make.  Just think of some other way to use them.

Wine Bottle Cozy

 - by Ty


wine cozy


It is taking me a while to get the flow of crocheting again. I made a few preemie hats and now I can not seem to make another hat yet. I keep practicing to see where I made my mistakes. But no luck doing that. My last attempt for making the hat resulted in a pink wine bottle cozy. The problem maybe in my decrease method. I am going to wait until I go back to my sons teacher to find out what I need to do different. I would tell you how to make a bottle cozy only if I remembered what I did.  This little set back will not discourage me at all. I will figure this pattern out eventually. Even though it looks very well made, this project was a complete mistake. Meanwhile,I will have plenty of wine bottle cozies and other miscellaneous pieces that will need to find a home.

Crochet Fun

 - by Ty


pom pom




I used to crochet when I was a little girl. Since I didn’t do it everyday, I completely forgot how to. Thankfully  my sons 4th grade language arts teacher showed me again.  I was so excited to find out she has a crochet club that helps kids make preemie hats for Johns Hopkins Hospital. I wanted to help and contribute as well. So since I haven’t learned how to crochet as of yet. I provided the club with some spools of yarn; to show my support.  But that wasn’t enough so later on in the week, the teacher showed me how to get started.   I started on the hat, and two weeks later I was finished. Not working on it everyday set me back and took me longer than expected. I just recently made another hat and LOVE the results. You can be so creative when making these hats. Rims can be placed to make it a two tone color. Pom Poms can be added at the top to give it detail.  Whatever style you choose make sure to use lots of color!


I am so excited that I picked this craft back up again. In order for my skill not to slip away again. I will have  challenge myself to work on crocheting at least once a week.   These preemie hats are fun and easy to make. Practicing to make them improves my skill each time. Meanwhile, I will  look for new projects for beginners and strive to make more items that can be donated to help families and children in need.  After all that is my ultimate goal in life.

Perfect Gloss

 - by Ty



Snow Peach lip gloss

Ladies, Ladies, Ladies ! I have found the perfect lip gloss. It is not sticky or gooey. It comes in some amazing flavors that taste great. There called “Juice Gems” by mark. This lip gloss will keep your lips moisturized and shiny. They can be used over your best lipstick to give you a high shine look. I have tried just about all of them. For the summer months my favorite is snow peach. Juice Gems are a summer must have. They will give you that instant glam look. Use this gloss with a tinted moisturizer and waterproof mascara to give yourself a beach beauty look. I had to get the word out because, I know you are looking for a great gloss that’s not too expensive.  Once you try one flavor you’ll want to grab them all.

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Sweeten Up Your Veggies

 - by Ty

Cinnnamon spinach

Vegetables are not a lot of peoples favorite food group. I personally love vegetables in all of its forms. Sauteed, raw, steamed, grilled, and etc. For a lot of people they don’t like vegetables because they are not typically sweet.  Sweet foods like cakes and candies mostly appeal to our palettes.  For kids you can change this by adding a few simple ingredients. I have not tried this on a kid, but I think it will work. I have made this for my family from time to time, but my son already loves most vegetables except for a small few.  So this is only my creative side hoping these tips will help you to get your kids to eat their vegetables.

Try adding some of these spices to some of your veggie dishes. You could try adding  cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract to give the veggies a sweet taste without using sugar. Also ginger is a powerful seasoning that can make the veggies taste totally different. I have found that ground ginger is easier to work with rather than trying to zest the root. I have personally tried using  ginger and cinnamon in some of  my dishes. For example I made baked carrots with cinnamon and ginger. I used frozen cut carrots, smart balance spread, 1tsp.of ground ginger, 2tsp of ground cinnamon. Mixed all ingredients into a bowl, then place into baking dish and place into a 350 degree oven. You can add extra sprinkles of allspice after the dish has cooled and ready to serve.

A lot of the stores now are selling fruit and veggie trays with caramel and non-fat yogurt. This is more appealing to the little ones because it’s sweeter than ranch or blue cheese dressing. I suggest dressing up the vegetables they don’t know about is probably better than ones you know they won’t eat.  And when they inquire about what it is, just say it’s made with cinnamon and sugar.  Don’t give the formal name of the dish. Words like kale and brussel sprouts just do not sound appealing to young ears. When your dealing with kids the less information the better.

Another idea I had is to add the zest of a fruit to your vegetables.  You can start with the two basic ones like lemon and orange. It can be added to dishes like snap peas, spinach, and greens. I will have  to try this method out as well. Hope these tips and ideas help dinner time at your house go a lot smoother.