Accomplished My Goal !

 - by Ty


When I started back crocheting I was happy to make preemie hats. But my real goal was to make a baby blanket. I started out and completed a small blanket and that was a success. It was 15″ x 25″. I gave it to one of my friends for there son. They seem to like it very much.   I had a lot of trouble when it came to the larger blankets. The sides of the blanket kept spreading out and became uneven. For some reason I couldn’t keep the sides aligned straight. I finally reached success! This blanket is proof of that. The sides are smooth and straight. I am so motivated to make more blankets now. It took me about a day and a half to finish it. Considering the size, that is not long at all. The final size for this blanket is 35″ x 38″. I think the standard size is 38″ x 38″, so I am a few inches off. I wanted both sides of the pink to be exactly four inches on both sides. Just to keep the symmetry. I didn’t use a pattern. To achieve this look just use a 5mm crochet hook, four different colors or more of medium #4 yarn.


I was determined to figure out how to make this blanket. I kept looking on different website to get the dimensions I needed.  I finally was able to find a size I was willing to try. I had tried on my own two previous times. So I guess third times a charm.  With enough practice you can achieve any goals you have set for yourself. Don’t give up!


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