AIM On Android

 - by Ty




I have a Motorola Android phone. I have lots of pro’s about this particular model. It’s just the right size, large keyboard and very durable. However, I have a few cons about some of the apps. For example, I downloaded the AIM app, so that I can text my instant messages. Which is very convenient for me.  But I quickly found out that this app drains the battery life of the phone.  Even if you do not have the app open, as long as it is running the battery will become drained very quickly. The phone was charged at 100% at 8 am. I had the app running from 8am till 2pm. By 2pm the phone was a about 10%charged.  And yes I was actively using the app from time to time.   I find this very annoying. Does anyone have any solutions for this small annoyance?

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