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Shipping Items to Customers on Ebay/ Amazon-Resellers

 - by Ty


I want to give a few tips when packing items to your customers. It may seem easy to just through an item into a poly mailer and seal it with an address label attached. But packing items to your customers is so much more. It shows your level of professionalism and knowledge as a re-seller. It doesn’t matter if you sell on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, Bonanza or etc. Your online business is a reflection on you. For fragile items like mugs and tea cups I like to use a small 8″x 8″brown box that I get from Staples. If you can get recycled materials from local stores or family members please do so. It will lower your out of pocket expenses. I also like to use the Duck Brand HD packing tape, it’s durable without being sticky. And the bubble wrap I get when my son’s school tosses it from when they order items. I take the mug and wrap it in the bubble wrap at least 3 times. Paying extra attention to the handle of the mug. Then I place it in the box handle side up. And fill with packing peanuts, brown craft paper , or air fill. Once the box is taped I place on the label and mark the package “Fragile”.


When I ship clothing I like to use tissue paper to wrap the item in. Colorful paper is my fav, but you can use plain white. I do not do this for bulky items such as jeans or outwear. Try to make your standards stand out from other sellers to gain repeat customers and loyalty. For Lego’s and small jewelry items I use clear baggies. The baggies are also recycled from my son’s school or family members. For my shipping provider I mainly go with USPS (Unites States Postal Service). They seem to have the best rates for the items that I ship. It is so much fun selling items online and you want the customers to feel that same experience also. If you need more tips or have your own please comment below and share your tactics.
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Supporting an 8th Grade Student Applying to High School

 - by Ty

How to Remain Pressure Free When Applying to High School

I am currently helping my son decide which high school he wants to attend. I did not realize this process would have so many steps. Because, of course I did not remember the process from when I attended high school.  The first thing to help you get prepared, is to help the student eliminate any schools they have no intention on attending.  From there you can focus on scheduling shadow days and open houses for the schools they show interest in. I do recommend  letting the student do a shadow day if possible. This gives the student a day to experience the schools environment , and talk to their peers about how they like the school. I also highly recommend that families prepare and get information for the interested school in the 7th grade. We attended our local school choice fair. Which was a great experience . That way once the student is in 8th grade they already have the choices of those schools and can focus on scheduling the shadow days and attending the open houses. This step really helped my son. He had time to do research on the potential schools and was ready to fill out the applications without feeling rushed. Also make sure to get teacher recommendations when applicable. Make sure you give the teacher ampule time to complete it. More importantly do not procrastinate with the applications. Remember to get a few copies to account for any mistakes. Fill them out and send them back to the school as soon as possible. The application deadline will seem far way at first. But your busy everyday life schedule will make things pretty hectic. Making you unintentionally forget about it. Lastly, if your child’s school has access to a guidance counselor, use them as a resource. They know the ends and outs of the process and can answer your questions. So don’t be intimated by the vastness of the process. Get ready, get prepared , and you and your child will feel no pressure.

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Super Cooker, The Electric Skillet

 - by Ty

I wanted to make something special for Valentine’s Day. I thought lobster tails would be fantastic, but my only concern was how do I steam them myself? So I purchased this super cooker, which has more than one function. It steams, grills, and slow cooks your dishes. Using the super cooker to steam the lobster was a huge success. The lobster tails were perfectly cooked. And clean up was quick. The bottom white part is made out of plastic and can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth. You can also rinse out the main cooking area with a little soapy water and hand dry. The lid can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand.  The size of the appliance is 3 quarts. Which worked for me. I was able to steam 4 large lobster tails without them touching each other. Ever since that dish was a success, I have been using the skillet every night to fix my meals. If your thinking about purchasing a small appliance on the order of this, It is worth it.

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