So Many Consoles

 - by Ty





In the gaming world there is no such thing as to many consoles. Each one has it’s own unique quality about it. I currently have a PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Now out of those three my favorite is the PS3. The controller is small and comfortable for my  hands. It not only has great games for this system.  The Netflix feature is a big plus in book.  But the ultimate feature for me is, I can use it to watch my Blu-Ray DVD’s. This will keep you from buying a Blu-Ray player. Plus keep you from switching back and forth between console and Blu-ray player.

The Nintendo Wii is cool, I like the Wii Fit add on feature. The hula hoop for Wii fit burns lots of calories(nods head). I am not that great with any of the balancing games. I have to work on those.  As for the Xbox 360 I am a partial fan. Only because Eliot plays the game Call of Duty Black Ops, and it’s very exciting to watch him play. I must say the controller for this console is not very easy to hold.  Even though this system has the Netflix’s feature as well my favorite console still remains the PS3.