Leftover Candy

 - by Ty

I have a few tips to help you get rid of too much Halloween candy. My first tip is for those of you who may have too may suckers like Blow Pops, Dum Dum’s, and Tootsie Roll Pops, etc. You can tape four or five lollipops together to make a bundle. Tie a fancy bow around them and place on top of gifts with name tags for kids or adults.Blow Pops


Second tip is for anyone who has leftover candy corn and caramels. These candies make lovely sauces. Melt down candy in a saucepan with water and butter or you can use a double boiler so the candy doesn’t stick to the pan. Once candy is smooth and melted pour over your favorite entree meat or over steamed vegetables.

And my third idea for left over Halloween candy is for any type of candy like smarties, Butterfingers, milky-way, Mike and Ikes and etc. You can make your own homemade Christmas tree ornaments.  There are two ways to make them. One way is to place a couple pieces of candy into a small organza bag. Drawstring the top and place a Christmas tree hook at the top of the bag. Repeat these steps and hang finished bags all over the tree. The other way is to use small cellophane bags. Once you have filled the bag with a small amount of candy use a twist tie to close the bag. Then insert hook onto the twist tie . Repeat those steps and hang desired amount onto your tree.  I hope this will help anyone who has an abundance of unwanted candy. Please post comments and other ideas of your own.

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