Mini Hand Bag

 - by Ty


Mini Handbag


I have been  practicing crocheting squares for a few weeks now. I still have to work on the last row, to keep it from curving and fanning out. This hand bag was a result of from one of the squares that didn’t turn out great.  I even took the opportunity to practice on a pom pom.  It looks fairly good considering it was not supposed to become a little purse.  And my niece is non the wiser. She absolutely loved the bag.  She had it on and played with it as soon as I gave it to her. I also gave her a few hats for her large barbie heads. The hats I made were to big for a baby but to small for my niece. So I told her she could use them to play with her dolls. Again another winner. So please never throw away your mistake crafts that you make.  Just think of some other way to use them.

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