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Wine Bottle Cozy

 - by Ty


wine cozy


It is taking me a while to get the flow of crocheting again. I made a few preemie hats and now I can not seem to make another hat yet. I keep practicing to see where I made my mistakes. But no luck doing that. My last attempt for making the hat resulted in a pink wine bottle cozy. The problem maybe in my decrease method. I am going to wait until I go back to my sons teacher to find out what I need to do different. I would tell you how to make a bottle cozy only if I remembered what I did.  This little set back will not discourage me at all. I will figure this pattern out eventually. Even though it looks very well made, this project was a complete mistake. Meanwhile,I will have plenty of wine bottle cozies and other miscellaneous pieces that will need to find a home.