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Lunch Tip

 - by Ty


As a parent I am always looking for new and creative ways to save money. Last year for lunch I used to buy my son Lunchables. I realized quickly that these Lunchables were only saving me on time and not my money or my sons health. They are packed with high volumes of sodium and processed foods. So I started to make my own version of Lunchables. All you need is a flat container to be able to fit all of your choices in one container. I mainly choose lunch meat or left over rotisserie, cheese, grape tomatoes, and crackers. You can make up as many combination’s as you want. If  your kid/kids do not want there food to touch, or you are concerned about food safety. Simply wrap each food item into wax or parchment paper. This way you can give your kids healthier choices and control what they eat. Just in case you need inspiration for making up some combination’s I will give you a few examples.


Turkey, cheese, crackers, grapes

Ham. cheese, whole wheat crackers, fresh peach wedges

Pastrami, cheese, flax seed crackers, blueberries

Tofurkey, swiss cheese, multi grain crackers, sliced strawberries


Packing lunch is not hard, it just takes about 5 minutes to prep. You can prepare it the night before so kids can just take it from the frig and go.  With parents having a busy lifestyle preparation is key for a successful household.

Good Sandwich

 - by Ty






I recently seen a recipe for a BLT. But it wasn’t just a regular BLT. It was called a  “California” BLT. This sandwich is perfect for summer. It’s cool, refreshing, light, and healthy.  After watching the show (Barefoot Contessa) I immediately ran to store to pick up the missing items that I needed. I didn’t follow the recipe to the letter. Here is what I used for each sandwich.


3 pieces of maple bacon

2 slices of avocado

2 pieces of red leaf lettuce

1 slice of tomato

1 potato sandwich roll

1/2 tsp of Kraft mayo

I made them for lunch for me and my son. He loved it!!!! As did I, before making this sandwich I had never ate avocado’s before. They made the sandwich cool and rich. Of course you can modify this recipe anyway you like. Also your choice of breads can be endless. I chose potato bread because it’s my fav.  But don’t be afraid to experiment.  Another good choice would be a fresh pretzel roll or bakery style french bread. This recipe was such a success, it will be one of my families permanent favorites. Please grab this recipe. You will not be disappointed if you are a fan of BLT’s.  Thank you food network !!!