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National Zoo Trip

 - by Ty



I finally had a chance to visit the National Zoo this year. I took some pictures of some very cool animals. However, my son and I didn’t get to view the entire park. That place was huge!  We will definitely have to go back on a second trip and bypass the animals we already seen from our first trip.  I am only an amateur photographer so please bare with me. The flash creates light from the tanks glass. It was very hard to get a clear shot. This is just one of the many pictures I took.  It is a tank with poisonous dart frogs. Unfortunately I only got a shot with just one sitting on a rock. But they are very pretty to look at. Remember just look!


Facts About Dart Frogs:


Free Play part II

 - by Ty

Every parents wants there child to have a good time and learn. I always take advantage of activities that are low cost or free. I find that children like things simple. They can get overloaded and over stimulated easily. I have came up with a couple  more FREE ideas to share !


  • Nature Walks

Let you and your child/children take a small walk through your neighborhood, creek, or even community trails. There are so many types of species to look for anywhere you live.  Bring along your camera phone, camcorder, or any recording device to let them pretend the are explorers or biologist. Make sure to pack your Eco friendly water containers to stay hydrated. Also bring a first aid kit and small backpack for other basic essentials. This activity can be done with one child or many. You can even include friends, because this activity is totally free.

  • BYOB Lego Parties

Invite a small group of friends and family over. Have them bring a bag lunch and there favorite Lego’s. Give the children a room or space where they can spread out all of the pieces. This will give them hours of imagination play along with engineering and hand and eye coordination play.  This can also be done with K’Nex’s, Playmobile, or whatever building toys your kids are into at the time.