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Painting Chairs

 - by Ty

In a few days I will try to paint my first wooden chair. I found 2 chairs that are in good condition. Some work needs to be done, like strengthening  one of the chair legs. Some wood glue should fix that.  I will apply 2 coats of paint and then a layer of clear varnish. I want to paint one chair turquoise and the other a plain white. I will post pictures of my finished project.  I have no experience with this. I just see all the inspiration from Pinterest. And I get inspired to create these DIY projects.  If I fail no worries the chairs didn’t cost me anything !


New Painter

 - by Ty


My first painting

I fell in love with a new hobby. I did my first painting yesterday. I starting getting supplies for my son, because this was a hobby he expressed interest in.  He seemed to have so much fun, I thought I would give it a try. Turns out it’s very soothing and takes your mind to another place. It’s like reading a book, escaping the reality of the world.

I’ve heard that painting is an expensive hobby, but I am willing to give it a shot. I don’t have all I the tools or techniques just yet. But I am getting by, so far.  I have the urge to start a new painting soon. However,I am going to take it slow. Even though I have tons of inspiration around me. I want to make sure I do not run out of supplies too quickly.  Trying something new gets you all excited and you find yourself  borderline obsessed. I also think my son and I feed off each others creations. We always seem to spark an idea or thought to one another. So keep encouraging people around you who have a creative bone in there body. You will challenge and inspire them to create something beautiful one day.