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Crochet Fun

 - by Ty


pom pom




I used to crochet when I was a little girl. Since I didn’t do it everyday, I completely forgot how to. Thankfully  my sons 4th grade language arts teacher showed me again.  I was so excited to find out she has a crochet club that helps kids make preemie hats for Johns Hopkins Hospital. I wanted to help and contribute as well. So since I haven’t learned how to crochet as of yet. I provided the club with some spools of yarn; to show my support.  But that wasn’t enough so later on in the week, the teacher showed me how to get started.   I started on the hat, and two weeks later I was finished. Not working on it everyday set me back and took me longer than expected. I just recently made another hat and LOVE the results. You can be so creative when making these hats. Rims can be placed to make it a two tone color. Pom Poms can be added at the top to give it detail.  Whatever style you choose make sure to use lots of color!


I am so excited that I picked this craft back up again. In order for my skill not to slip away again. I will have  challenge myself to work on crocheting at least once a week.   These preemie hats are fun and easy to make. Practicing to make them improves my skill each time. Meanwhile, I will  look for new projects for beginners and strive to make more items that can be donated to help families and children in need.  After all that is my ultimate goal in life.