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Sweeten Up Your Veggies

 - by Ty

Cinnnamon spinach

Vegetables are not a lot of peoples favorite food group. I personally love vegetables in all of its forms. Sauteed, raw, steamed, grilled, and etc. For a lot of people they don’t like vegetables because they are not typically sweet.  Sweet foods like cakes and candies mostly appeal to our palettes.  For kids you can change this by adding a few simple ingredients. I have not tried this on a kid, but I think it will work. I have made this for my family from time to time, but my son already loves most vegetables except for a small few.  So this is only my creative side hoping these tips will help you to get your kids to eat their vegetables.

Try adding some of these spices to some of your veggie dishes. You could try adding  cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla extract to give the veggies a sweet taste without using sugar. Also ginger is a powerful seasoning that can make the veggies taste totally different. I have found that ground ginger is easier to work with rather than trying to zest the root. I have personally tried using  ginger and cinnamon in some of  my dishes. For example I made baked carrots with cinnamon and ginger. I used frozen cut carrots, smart balance spread, 1tsp.of ground ginger, 2tsp of ground cinnamon. Mixed all ingredients into a bowl, then place into baking dish and place into a 350 degree oven. You can add extra sprinkles of allspice after the dish has cooled and ready to serve.

A lot of the stores now are selling fruit and veggie trays with caramel and non-fat yogurt. This is more appealing to the little ones because it’s sweeter than ranch or blue cheese dressing. I suggest dressing up the vegetables they don’t know about is probably better than ones you know they won’t eat.  And when they inquire about what it is, just say it’s made with cinnamon and sugar.  Don’t give the formal name of the dish. Words like kale and brussel sprouts just do not sound appealing to young ears. When your dealing with kids the less information the better.

Another idea I had is to add the zest of a fruit to your vegetables.  You can start with the two basic ones like lemon and orange. It can be added to dishes like snap peas, spinach, and greens. I will have  to try this method out as well. Hope these tips and ideas help dinner time at your house go a lot smoother.