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Workout Buddy

 - by Ty

I noticed that having a workout partner motivates you. I spent a week at my local gym with my Aunt.  Having her there to push me further and expand my workout made a huge difference. I barely even notice the time when I have someone to workout with.  Now that I am working out alone I find myself not as motivated and cutting my workout time short. Her and I would do 45 min to an hour workouts. Now I only do about 30 min to 45 minutes.  Maybe some of you agree with this philosophy, having a workout buddy is beneficial.  I think it helps out a lot when you are someone that struggles to stay focused. However, no matter the circumstances you should always try to live a healthy life. Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle is challenging, so anything that makes it easier is okay in my book.

Sharing your goals with your workout buddy is also helpful. They can help keep you on track, as well as you keeping them on track. The buddy system works well when training or just everyday fitness. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer but a best friend or family member can be just as cool.